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AboutPicWelcome to the real Wayne’s World; a world where you will find a unique blend of creativity in the form of fictional literature, poetry, painting, and pencils.

Wayne is a freelance writer with published work on Amazon, and he also is an active writer on Hubpages and The Undead Poets Society. His short story, Midnight in Jackie’s Garden is available as an eBook and he is currently working on a volume of short stories that will be published in hardcover and paperback as well as e-readers. Wayne is also working on a novel which he hopes to see published in 2015.

Wayne studied under renowned Greek artist, Paul Foropoulos, and has been a member, Vice President, and President of The Westchase Artists Society in the Tampa area of Florida. His work has been sold across several states and has been on display in galleries including, “The Divine Equine III,” showing at, Great Art and Frame. Wayne’s oil painting, “Brave Stallion” was used as the poster piece for the event and was showcased as a main attraction to the event.

Born in 1962, Wayne grew up in the San Joaquin Valley of Central California, and was the grandson of migrants who had taken part in the Dust Bowl exodus from Oklahoma during the great drought. His life has been a tough journey, but one thing that always drove him on was a calling deep within that told him to make something out of the artistic gift that he had been born with.
Wayne has accomplished these dreams, as a musician, an artist, and a writer. And now he celebrates his achievements in his library of fine art and literature, and he welcomes all who wish to celebrate with him to enter in and enjoy his gallery.


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  1. You have said it all here my friend, you’ve come a long way to fulfill your dreams and inspirations. Your creativity is stunning, your talents unquestioned, your mastery of your work beyond unique. You made it brother, now just keep getting your name out, keep sharing and the rewards and awards are around the corner. i don’t care much myself about how much money I may or may never make from my writing, however I am happy and content getting my name out to the world and leave some form of legacy behind. You sir will do the same. Congratulations on this new site, it’s simply one of the best I’ve seen.

    • Thank you, Vincent. I share your sentiments about sharing my work being more important than profiting off of it. Money will be spent and forgotten, but our writing and art will carry on long after we are gone.

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