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Fiery Stallion

Invitation to a Book

Well, folks, we are just about ready for the green light. I am happy to announce that the publication of Feather and Bone is in the last hours of design and will be ready for your reading pleasure soon. Feather and Bone is a collection of fictional short stories. (Plus one based on a true story from the authors life.)

Special Thanks

Before I get into detail about the book I would like to give a special thanks to Alexandra Lucas of The Silver Genes Group. As my editor and designer she has been invaluable in the development of this project. Working with Alexandra has been an inspiring and educational experience.

The Collection

Feather and Bone is a collection of 14 short stories. Most of the stories in the collection are of the horror or suspense genre but there is a couple I have added to the mix that I would consider, general fiction.
One story in particular, Fiery Stallion, is a piece I wrote that is loosely based on a true event from my past.


Along with the 14 stories in the book, I have added a couple more features that I think will enhance this collection nicely.
At the beginning of each story an illustration has been added. All the illustrations are my own artwork. Some of the pieces are rough sketches in graphite and charcoal, while others are taken from my oil paintings. Some of the pieces, like the paintings, were originally in color but for this project we have transferred all the illustrations to black and white.
Another feature added to the book is stanzas or complete poems that have been inserted at the beginning of each story. In some cases there are also stanzas added at the end of the stories. All the stanzas and poems are my own creations.
Once again I credit Alexandra Lucas in taking this combination of literature, art and poetry and packaging it in a volume that I believe will be an entertaining piece.


I invite you one and all, whether you are a fan of horror, suspense, or just a good ol’ story, to grab a copy and enjoy. I am excited about this book and I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.
I am already working on a novel that I hope will be backing up this book in the near future. But for now I am eagerly awaiting the countdown to Feather and Bone.


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  1. I have been SOLD for ages! That editor/designer of yours is a great front-woman as well! She’s got me salivating!
    I have a feeling this is going places Wayne. Just be patient and promote the shit out of it! Anyone who tells you different is wrong. I’ll help anyway i can, if i have anything of value to offer…
    Hugs and wishing you the very best!

    • Sorry for the late reply April. I have been working hard trying to wrap this up. Fingers crossed…tomorrow night we go live!!!

    • Hi Sha. Yes, this one will be a paperback. I really appreciate the support. You have been a friend since the beginning for me. thank you for all the encouragement.

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