Beer Rings on my Amplifier


Digital red reading009 - Copy

It’s 2:00 am.
Digital red reading
in bloodshot eyes
of the bouncer.
And hers
staring at me
as she sways on the dance floor
from drunken eyes
the brownish orange
of a moon rising
through a smoggy Los Angeles horizon.
I’m on my last set
my ‘on the house’ beer
leaving another wet ring on my amplifier.
I get paid to do this, man.
Both microphones are mine;
one for my harp
and one to warp
with a dragons breath odor
of whiskey and her.
She was a solo song
and Eddies long neck guitar
played along
cause he liked to follow my lead
and they don’t mind
when we take turns
trading licks
through broken strings
and guitar picks
the jealous drummers
flying sticks
and the bartender
sounds like Wolfman Jack
“Get off the bar
you’re knockin’ over my glasses
but you can leave your tops off
and keep shakin’ those asses.”
His voice is the only sound
that can carry over
my squelchin’ harp
and I blew another reed
wailing in an F-sharp
and finally last call
as we clear the hall
carrying our gear
through a layer of cigarette smog
brownish orange
like a Los Angeles horizon
gulping fresh air
as I walk out into the night
ears are buzzing
and I’m high as a live wire
and still haven’t escaped
the stench of beer
because it is etched in dry rings
on the top of my amplifier.


Beer Rings on my Amplifier — 2 Comments

  1. I can remember as a kid lugging my best friends amplifier around with him to various clubs in Montreal, he sang country mainly and I would sit and listen and help him lug his equipment from bar to smoky bar on the week-ends. We both had school during the week. He played for some talent scout who got them gigs, he made a little jingle jangle but not very much. So I can just imagine what you endured to be the artist you are my talented friend, but in the long run it’s all worth it don’t ya think. I like your visuals in this piece, I can see it very clearly in my minds eye, even with the smoke burning them, ha ha.

  2. Sometimes the late hours and the grind reminded you that it was work, but it was great times and great memories.

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