Flies, Rats and the Daily News


I have done my morning duty:
taken out the garbage
and scratched the dogs ass.
Ah, well,
she seemed to enjoy it much more than I
(I mean, when I scratched my own, of course!)
Goddamned flies!
Why won’t they let me read my newspaper in peace?
News! What news?
This is why I buy the paper,
Roll it up, roll it up
swat, swat, swat
Got two, missed one
he was a fast son-of-a-gun.
Weren’t doing me any harm
just annoying me is all.
Ah, well,
at least the windows are now clear
and what’s that?
Neighbors walking by again
staring, conspiring, pointing
not doing me any harm
just annoying me is all.
Ah, well,
I probably forgot to close my robe again
when I played my sax
on the front lawn last night.
That’s alright,
I’ve got the Daily News
for you, you and you.
That’s right, keep walking
all clear
neighbors gone
garbage is gone
flies are new wallpaper design
and dog is asleep.
Ah, well,
time for a reprieve
and what do we have here in my mug?
Coffee? No.
Must be rum
for it’s not yet noon
and coffee is for midnight
when I drink to the moon.
Ah, well,
down goes the rum
burning over my gum
and the bitches bowl is empty
so I’ll pour her some,
and now it’s late
a little past one
rinse out my cup
head back to bed
tuck in my sax
sprawl on the floor
and there underneath
six glowing eyes
peering from under box spring
too big to be flies.
Ah, well,
when I’m up at midnight
I’ll mix my mud with booze
roll up my paper
and conduct the dead rodent blues
and your three rat faces
will blend right in
with the preachers
and baby kissing politicians
on the front page news.


Flies, Rats and the Daily News — 6 Comments

  1. A wonderful piece my friend, all in a days work. Swatting flies, drinking rum, forget the coffee. Playing your sax to a captured audience under your bed, oh yes, all in a days work to get up and do it all over again

    • Thank you my friend, Vincent. This is one I know you’ve read before but I wanted to add it to my webpage. I always appreciate the kind words.

    • Thandiubani, i appreciate the visit and the compliment. If you are a friend of Vincent then you are a friend of mine!

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