Key to My Memory

44441_570162539663162_1435372486_nUnder lichen covered stone
in its hard cold place
the key
brass worn green
lay sleeping
to gulls song
waiting for me
but no longer needed.
Wooden gate
hanging from one hinge
brass worn green
white flaked paint
sand blasted smooth
by ocean breeze
from path beyond
to our sea
green sea
under white flaked moon
where we danced
barefoot and free
leaving prints soon hidden
under high tide dune
and swam in waves
of white flaked foam
where your hair
was braided
in the deeps green grass
brass worn green
like your eyes
I remember
sinking into as we waded
in the jade moon tide
promising under
a key and a kiss
that we would always
meet here
under this hard cold place


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