Social Butterflies at the Latte-Da Cafe

Walking into my favorite coffee bar
My friends faces all light up,
They send their greetings
And my screen lights up,
At my favorite table with my BFF’s
We mouth electric cigarettes
And simultaneously we all light up,
Chatting conversing crescendos
As evidenced by the tapping and clicking;
“Have you heard the one about…”, Starts the joke
And the room erupts in laughter
Click click, tap tap, rub swipe and poke
Grins glow on our faces
Crouched over smart phones and pads
Texting tweeting like pecking birds,
Social butterflies silently fluttering
Wings swiping screens…
An old stranger saunters in
And at the counter he orders…coffee?…black!!
Total silence fills a brief moment
And then the air erupts with electric exclamation!
Coffee…and plain did he say?
Unreal, unbelievable, unheard of, unthinkable!
The stranger occupies a booth across from me
I see him from my peripheral
From where I am crouched over my pad,
My eyes glance up for such a brief second
And I catch his eye,
He smiles and…speaks!!!
You could have heard a touchpad pen drop,
I want to reply, but he has no device
So I’m forced to submit to primitive means,
Into the silent dead air I open my mouth and strain,
OMG, I did it!
The room explodes in congratulatory clicks,
The strain has left me parched, and my mouth is dry
So I order an iced MochaLatteCappuccinoMelange,
My world is right again as I drink through my straw
That my hands may be free to continue
My discourse with my fellow social butterflies,
When I arrive home that night…my place of recharging…
I am afflicted with a terrible kink in my neck
But my new girl is gifted with the great ability
To massage with one hand, and message with the other.
OMG, she’s a keeper!


Social Butterflies at the Latte-Da Cafe — 6 Comments

  1. I loved this humor, but your so right, conversations are often silent these days, muffled only by the tapping and blinking boinking taps of fingers onto text mode. To actual speak to another human being is becoming weird. Damm those devices made by man, yet they are fun too, lol

    • Thanks Vincent. Yes it is definitely a new age of socializing. And you know as well as I that as a writer you have to be up with the latest technology, or else you’ll never keep up.

  2. I love the tongue-in-cheek humor but how sad, because you’ve portrayed the disappearance of face-to-face communication in such a profound way. No matter how much I love my electronics, I still and will always prefer to look into someone’s eyes when we say hello 🙂

    • Hello Diana. Thank you for the compliment and the visit. And you make a very good point; there is much to be said for eye to eye contact than could ever be achieved through social networking.

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