Stallions Last Dance/ Lone Wolf Howl

Pictures_23 01Stallions Last Dance

Standing eighteen hands
he was a giant of a steed
coat black as midnight
and satin sheened mane
now with a touch of gray
that shined like silver
over this mighty stallion
the lord of his breed

He stamped his hooves
striking sparks from stone
flexed proud shoulders
and muscled flanks
that rippled as he demonstrated
a lightning quick
rearing kick
that once shattered bone

Screaming at the night
steaming nostrils flare
across the scarred muzzle
of a plains warrior
shaking his lowered head
with a fire of challenge
in his eyes
and battle in his blazing glare

The leader of his herd
now grizzled and old
to protect one last time
he makes his final stand
against the surrounding pack
of wolves his longtime foe
who had tried his mares before
and been left dead and cold

But the wolves knew his time was done
to the night they sounded their howling cry
while the stallion pawed
eying the Alpha male
the one he would take with him
on the red prairie floor
under a crow clouded moon
would be a good night to die

Lone Wolf Howl

A shadow stalking the night
with glowing eyes like embers from hell
that stare from the lupine visage
from black mane flecked with silver and gray
around a muzzle of bared fangs
as his paws step silently circling his prey
the leader of the hunt
the packs Alpha male

He warns his clan
holding them back
with raised hackles
snarls and snaps
he has lived by patience
cunning and stealth
he will give the signal
when time to attack

Behind razor sharp teeth
he emits a rumbling growl
with tail held rigid
and his ears laid back
he fearlessly faces
the danger ahead
and to his wolf family
he screams the killing howl

The leader of his pack
now grizzled and old
to provide one last time
he takes his final bite
against the giant equine beast
the steed a longtime foe
who had killed his mate
leaving her dead and cold

But the horse knew this wolf was old
so he reared and screamed his battle cry
while the Alpha male crouched low
to lunge for a sacrificial hold on the stallion
the one he would take with him
on the red prairie floor
under a crow clouded moon
would be a good night to die


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  1. Sha, what a pleasure to see you here. Like you, I am glad we met on HP. You were one of the very first to connect with me…and you’re a neighbor. I am really glad that you like the site and hope to see you here some more.

    • Kim, thank you for the visit. This one was a challenge but it it one of my favorites. I tried to give the same reactions and descriptions in each stanza but from different perspectives. “There are always two sides to a story!”

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