The Pain I Relish

Kiss_20100130.7D.02505.P1.L1.C23.BW_SML_(4448318457)At the front door
on my way to work
she kissed me…roughly
toothpaste and cigarettes
I taste and spit dryly
she slaps me…hard
across my bristled cheek
I step in close…reach behind
and take her hair in my fist
a tight ball of tresses
lean in for another
but move too slowly
she bites my lip…roughly
and I crush her mouth with mine
aching bruised lip tender
from yesterday’s goodbye
toothpaste, cigarette, and blood.
I love you, she says
followed by the foulest of language
and I think I snarled
didn’t intend to
but who can control the animal?
Her hand has snuck in
and I feel her nails
through my jeans
grasping me…hurting
the pain I relish.
Don’t be late, she demands
turns and walks away
and with a flip
of a shoulder strap
let’s her gown fall to the floor
before she rounds the corner
reminding me…
what is for dinner


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    • Exotichippiequeen; it is so good to see you here. You were one of the first writers I was introduced to on Hubpages by my daughter Elizabeth. I appreciate the compliment of your comment and visit!

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