Unknown Journey

abandon-21907_640In the misty morning I walk
Dispelling the damp shadows
My steps echo off brain textured brick
While ghosts of past children drip from the moss
And slip their white fingers into the folds of my coat
Seeking the warmth of my fever
My thoughts run before me
Warding off jesters and fools
Disguised as juggling ruminations and random decisiveness
While my memories scream in agony
As they are dragged behind me
Across the graveled barrows path
While I debate whether this is an attempt at escape
Or a blind stumble into surrender
As I labor to ignore the vision through the broken fog
Of an open door as I pass
Where I witness a florist inhaling live roses from one hand
While a cat eats a dead rat from his other
O cover me cloud
Weave a bough above me Oak tree
And conceal me awhile longer
Upon this unknown journey
Because surely Sol will show his face soon
And point the way for the hand of fate
To place upon my brow
The helm of his choosing


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  1. Loving the website, and of course, love this piece. Your work is so raw and dark, an obvious influence on myself = ) Looking forward to more free time to catch up on my reading.

    • Of course I treasure your compliments. I know that through you girls, my writing will carry on. I’m glad to have made an influence.

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